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Startup Studio Summary

Wonderland is a startup studio that builds digital companies & helps them grow. In close cooperation with high potential startups & trailblazing corporates alike, we design, build & grow the digital business of tomorrow

We can assemble entrepreneurial teams for innovation projects of any type, at any time, at any scale. Our ambition as a network is to become among the best in the world in "innovation execution". The innovation funnel goes from inspiration to ideation, creating concepts which you validate, over to finding traction channels and product or service optimization, to finally implementing an executable and scalable plan grounded on real-world evidence. 

We are entrepreneurs for hire. No detailed requirement lists or an inability to leave the script. We believe that innovation is about smart and bold ideas, but also about getting them into the hands of paying customers through relentless execution.  

Date Founded: 2014

Industry Focus: Digital


Ghent, Belgium

Sint-Salvatorstraat 18, Ghent, Belgium

[email protected]

Be part of Studio Hub Europe

We take an active role in bringing together European startup studios, in order to spread knowledge and best practices, discover unique opportunities for collaboration and internationalization, and engage investors and funders with the startup studio model.