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Startup Studio Summary

We Are Builders is a startup studio based in The Netherlands which transform world defining ideas into independent tech companies with a focus on B2B. 

Our startup studio provides a new way of bringing innovative tech products and services to market. Together with our Founders Network we transform ideas into strong and independent companies. We have a strong background in tech (apps, online software and IoT) and like to focus on B2B.

We develop ideas through its first few stages into a solid proposition. At the same time, we start connecting with business and technical founders, ensuring they jump on the train as early as possible. This enables them to put their own spin on the startup and are fully involved by the time we're ready to launch.

We provide solid, validated proof and unique insights before building prototypes, products and companies. With an efficient framework and organization, we shape ideas into a value proposition and business model based on facts. As soon as possible in the company building process, we’ll onboard a business and technical co-founder from our Founders Network.

Studio Type: Venture Builder

Date Founded: 2015

Industry Focus: Tech, B2B

Market Focus: The Netherlands, Europe


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Stationsplein 45, Unit E1.156 / 1st Floor, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

[email protected]

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