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Startup Studio Summary

The Eleven is a startup studio. We're obsessed by building great ideas into brilliant businesses, and we’re on a mission to create the best place in the world to do just that. 

We were founded by Rob O'Donovan and Ben Gateley, then two sixteen year olds with a fierce imagination and a simple conviction they could do things better. 

We've since grown into an ambitious young team, dedicated to building pioneering companies we can be proud of, and having fun along the way. 

Think of The Eleven as a flowerbed (bear with us...), providing the foundations upon and support with which brilliant business can flourish. We're currently growing social media agency, Born Social, and HR software, CharlieHR.

Date Founded: 2016


London, United Kingdom

WEWORK PROVOST & EAST, 145 City Road, EC1V 1AZ, London, United Kingdom

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We take an active role in bringing together European startup studios, in order to spread knowledge and best practices, discover unique opportunities for collaboration and internationalization, and engage investors and funders with the startup studio model.