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Startup Studio Summary

Startup Studio Nexity was established to design and launch new offers within the Nexity corporation. For 4 months, 5 intrapreneurship projects are hosted within the Startup Studio and benefit from advice to validate their business model and acquire their first prospects.  

The Startup Studio is calibrated to accommodate each year two generations of 5 projects. To select project employees, Nexity has a competition on a global scale called Nex'Idea, allowing everyone to submit their idea in connection with a specific theme. In the rest of the competition, several teams will be invited to develop their concept, then pitcher in front of all the participants and the Nexity Comex during a 2-day final

Since the launch of Startup Studio, Nexity has decided to have about 40% of the projects developed coming from outside, including student entrepreneurs.

Studio Type: Corporate Studio

Date Founded: 2018


Paris, France

19 Rue de Vienne, 75008 Paris, France, Paris, France

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