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Startup Studio Summary

Startup Factory is a start-up platform based at the heart of Europe in Brussels. With a strong network of companies, we build businesses solving real problems from the ground up. We are early stage focused in world-class founders attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology. We provide efficient access to smart capital, our network and our fantastic community of talented entrepreneurs.

We create and accelerate companies. Most of the time we do it in close partnership with innovative corporates. With an average of a new company every 6 weeks, we've put in place the best process to maximise the chances of a start up to succeed. 

Our studio is filled with energetic experts in areas such as growth hacking, sales, operations, legal, admin, tech & recruitement. Everything to accelerate what our founders really need to focus on: develop their business.

Studio Type: Corporate Studio

Date Founded: 2016


Brussels, Belgium

Parvis Sainte Gudule 5, Brussels, Belgium

[email protected]

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We take an active role in bringing together European startup studios, in order to spread knowledge and best practices, discover unique opportunities for collaboration and internationalization, and engage investors and funders with the startup studio model.