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Startup Studio Summary

Semeia Ventures builds and invests in digital companies that transform established business models to new, fast-growing markets. 

This Venture Builder focuses on traditional sectors to disrupt the value chains and provide increased value to the consumer. 

 Semeia Ventures invests in early-stage startups, helping them to grow by providing funds and expertise by applying the Startup Studio mindset: Semeia's smart, focused, multi-disciplinary team treats startups' business objectives as their own. 

 The team is composed of experienced hands who have worked with the world's leading brands and young millennials with a necessary amount of indifference towards the establishment. 

 Here's a taste of what Semeia Ventures does. 

Marketing: it's all about putting in place an action plan focused on digital marketing to align customer and influencer with all contact points of the brand. A one-size-fits-all marketing plan implies vague results, but a specific plan is a successful plan. 

Sales: between two good ideas, sales can make a difference. Semeia's team structures channels, manages customer acquisition costs and aligns marketing and technology. 

Technology: providing technology to boost the data intelligence of the market to capture customers and conversion into sales. Smart strategies grounded in the quality of the insights of team, combining imagination, curiosity and passion for innovation and rational logic.


Lisbon, Portugal

, Lisbon, Portugal

[email protected]

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