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Startup Studio Summary

Prehype is a Venture development firm. It's what one can call an international Venture Builder: their headquarter is in New York, but they also work in San Francisco, London and Copenhagen.

As they say about themselves, Prehype is 

"a collection of entrepreneurial people who help each other and companies build new ventures" 

working in the Experience Design, Product Development, Incubation, Skunkworks e Innovation sectors.

Founded in 2010 by Henrik Werdelin, Prehype runs a wide range of activities - from teaching at universities and executive education, to seed investing, to the implementation of an entrepreneurs-in-residence network.

And of course, Prehype builds companies: either doing corporate new venture co-creation (identification, testing and development as a service) and creating their own, with a unique approach for scalable business building.

Among their exits, you can find Hot Potato (acquired by Facebook), AND CO (acquired by Fiverr), Part Pic (acquired by Amazon and turned into Part Finder), and Sunrise (acquired by Microsoft).

Date Founded: 2010


New York, USA

401 Broadway, Suite 2202 10013 New York, NY, New York, USA

[email protected]


London, UK

27 Corsham Street #1 London N1 6DR, London, UK

[email protected]

Copenhagen, Denmark

Blegdamsvej 6 2200 Copenhagen N, Copenhagen, Denmark

[email protected]

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