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Startup Studio Summary

oneUp is a startup studio that builds startups with emerging technology for big corporates. 

We see the most potential for startup thinking with corporate companies. We've tailored our methods to work with leading international corporates in Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands.

We have developed an integrated approach to building startups with emerging technology for big corporates. We call this Startup Thinking. It includes valuable processes and tools, and involves developers, designers, growth hackers, and bunch of other innovation experts. We help you with everything from coming up with new ideas, validating and testing them with real consumers, to creating a system for your organization to innovate all the time.

Next to our day-to-day operations, we are carefully studying the most promising technologies in our oneUp Lab.

Studio Type: Corporate Studio

Date Founded: 2014

Industry Focus: Tech


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Johan Huizingalaan 400, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

[email protected]

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