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Startup Studio Summary

Novum+ is a network of experts, adding value to your business. We believe in the combination of dreaming, thinking & doing.  

We take a close look at your start-up, put a clear vision on paper, gather the necessary experts and help build your sustainable story. Our start-up studio determines the strategy with an eye for synergy. A project manager translates your expectations into concrete results, within the limits of time and budget.

We set up a flexible team of experts from the members of our core network. These are trusted, independent and experienced experts who have already responded to each other. The unique structure of Novum + makes it possible to appoint different experts for every start-up. If necessary, we supplement our expertise with specialists from our broader and high-quality network. 

If possible, we co-invest or guide to appropriate investors.

Date Founded: 2018


Limburg, Belgium

Molenstede, Limburg 3294, BE, Limburg, Belgium

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We take an active role in bringing together European startup studios, in order to spread knowledge and best practices, discover unique opportunities for collaboration and internationalization, and engage investors and funders with the startup studio model.