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Startup Studio Summary

LAUNCHER is a startup studio focused on seed and early stage investments and startups in Central Europe. Our industry focus is IT, mobile and digital. We like SaaS, B2B, synergies and experience. We build startups and turn them into real companies. 

We invest in fast growing companies with international ambitions, skilled people and scalable sustainable business concept. To experienced people who have already proven some degree of competence and skills we offer an opportunity to run independent project or join the existing one. We are an organization representing experienced entrepreneurs-turned-investors closely managing the portfolio of new high potential companies. 

We are team of investors, entrepreneurs and specialists with technical, business and other skills located under one roof and building multiple businesses at a time with more than 25 years of significant IT and business experience.  

Date Founded: 2013

Industry Focus: IT, Mobile, Digital


Bratislava, Slovakia

Krasovského 14, Bratislava, Slovakia

[email protected]

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