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Startup Studio Summary

Lab.Coop is an entrepreneur owned tech venture builder. We apply Holacracy and practice extreme transparency.

As IT professionals our focus is on tech - lucky for both you and us it is a diverse field and allows us to adventure out, learn and experiment with diverse areas

As co-owners we partner up to share responsibility, risk and success. As self-managed entrepreneurs we unite our skills and experience to be more.

Matching the mindset, the company is operated by holacracy, a management method built on distributed decision making. Holacracy splits up the classical “boss” responsibility and gives access to power for more people. Circles of responsibilities run the show where everyone can take up a role. Holacracy is battle-tested and has scaled up to more than 10,000 Partners.

A group with complementing knowledge and skill-sets can easily realize ideas too grand for any single human. That’s why we take partnership and collaboration even outside of Lab.Coop.Together with similar companies iMind and Digital Natives we created a Consortium and work together on running Sales abroad and other shared challenges.

Date Founded: 2015


Budapest, Hungary

66 Andrássy út, 1062 Budapest, Hungary, Budapest, Hungary

[email protected]

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