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Startup Studio Summary

Klopal is a startup studio building the internet companies of tomorrow.

We operate as a platform on which you can launch your new idea. We believe in starting small, thinking big, and scaling fast. We partner up with brilliant entrepreneurs and carefully validate new business ideas and build ideas into products.

Together with the co-founders our team works hands-on to build new products. We pilot the product with real users as early as possible to confirm the Product/Market Fit.As soon as we have traction, we release the product to the world and work hard on growth, while transferring valuable knowledge to the co-founding team.

Date Founded: 2012


Turku, Finland

Bruksgatan 2, Turku, Finland

+358 (0)102712444

[email protected]


Salo, Finland

Katrineholminkatu 6 24240 Salo, Salo, Finland

+358 (0)102712444

[email protected]

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