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Startup Studio Summary

Kamet is a startup studio that builds disruptive insurance tech companies from the ground up. 

We back brash entrepreneurs building the next generation of ground breaking technology companies, geared to improve, enrich or disrupt the insurance ecosystem. We host entrepreneurs, give them the opportunity to meet others, to share their ideas, to benefit from ours, and we support them in developing their business, from the ground up.

At Kamet, we are fueled by passion. Our approach is guided by a user-centric approach. We ensure that changes begin with user insights. We design, develop and test a minimum viable product with an average target of a 6 months’ timeframe. 

Date Founded: 2016

Industry Focus: Insurance


Paris, France

30 rue Fortuny 75017 Paris France, Paris, France


London, United Kingdom

40 Islington High St, London, United Kingdom

Tel-Aviv, Israel

101 Rokach Blvd, Tel-Aviv, Israel

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