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Reykjavík, Iceland

Iceland Venture Studio

2019 Venture Studio Iceland

Startup Studio Summary

The Dattaca Labs Iceland Venture Studio is a new kind of growth solution for entrepreneurs that is building the next-generation of services around the decentralization of personal data, algorithms, privacy, process and data security. 

It is a one-stop shop for Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders based in the world’s most progressive country for open data. We actively work with Startup Founder to prioritize goals, develop a sustainable business model and to get product to market. We ruthlessly throw out ideas and are very data-driven in our approach to developing and accepting founders into the studio. 

We effectively mitigate the product to market fit validation risk, product development risks, team development risk and eventually reduce the capital raise risk as well. The Studio’s Developer and Capital Ecosystems are a multi-disciplinary team of developers, designers, marketers, analysts, scientists, investors and operators who are passionate about working with founders to solve problems and build companies. We have the industry relationships, technical know-how and business development experience to bring the best opportunities to our portfolio partners. 

Date Founded: 2019


Reykjavík, Iceland

Grandagarður 16, Reykjavík, Capital Region 101, IS, Reykjavík, Iceland

[email protected]

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